Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Shiki Kurobane - Main Story

Shiki's Main Story Walk Through
There is more than one way to get a happy ending
Link to character graphics is at the bottom

Chapter 1
Pretty eyes
It's cute

Chapter 2
You like figures?
Something with that?

Chapter 3
I'm sorry! cute

Chapter 4
I can't
That hurts

Chapter 5
It's still mean to say

Chapter 6
He's like a cat
Thank you

Chapter 7
Were you worried about me?
I like you

Chapter 8
I like you
I was the one who hugged him

Chapter 9
Thank you
Close your eyes

Chapter 10
He's a friend
I want Shiki

Chapter 11
There's something else I like...
Thank you

Chapter 12
It's so pretty

Chapter 13
I want to go to the Demon Realm
You're wrong

Chapter 14
That's impossible!

Chapter 15
Yell to the cat for help
Try touching him

Chapter 16

Shiki is a character that belongs to 10 Days with my Devil © Voltage Inc
Answers obtained during game play.

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