Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Yoh Kobayakawa - Main Story

Yoh's Main Story Walk Through
There is more than one way to get a happy ending
Link to character graphics is at the bottom

Chapter 1
I couldn't just leave you
Look for a weapon

Chapter 2
Thank you
What did you come here for?

Chapter 3
It's beautiful

Chapter 4
I was fine
Tickle him

Chapter 5
Change the subject

Chapter 6
Let's both give it our best

Chapter 7
Thank you
Want me to lend you a stuffed animal?

Chapter 8
It's complicated...
Or we could what?

Chapter 9
I'm happy
No, it's better that they did

Chapter 10
Are you OK?

Chapter 11
I may have misunderstood Yoh
I wanted to talk about Yoh

Chapter 12
Don't you believe in him?
I'd like to go no matter what

Chapter 13

Yoh is a character that belongs to Finally, in Love Again © Voltage Inc
Answers obtained during game play

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