Thursday, December 12, 2013

Subaru Ichiyanagi - Main Story

 Subaru's Main Story Walk Through
 There are more than one way to get a happy ending.
Link to character graphics is at the bottom
Chapter 1 
Say nothing
I'm a little scared....

Chapter 2
Reluctantly give him the bags
❥  Yes, sir!

Chapter 3
No way!
Tell him it is delicious

Chapter 4
I'm surprised
You'd have made a good prince

Chapter 5
I'll cry later when I'm alone

Chapter 6
They really say that!?!
I'm just your client

Chapter 7
The item by your hand
Could we go somewhere else?

Chapter 8
your home is so clean
Do i look bad?

Chapter 9
Of course!
❥ Okay

Chapter 10
❥ Why is this happening to me?
❥  What makes you think that!?!

Chapter 11
❥ Thank you, everyone!
❥  My life is in danger

Chapter 12
❥ Does it make you mad?
It's cute

Chapter 13
I have to do it

Chapter 14
Cut the green!

Chapter 15

Subaru is a character that belongs to My Sweet Bodyguard © Voltage Inc
Answers obtained during game play

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