Sunday, December 15, 2013

Nakaba Kasumi - Main Story

Kasumi's Main Story Walk Through 
There are more than one way to get a happy ending.
But to get all the images you have to pick all the right answers. 
Link to character graphics is at the bottom 

Chapter 1
Try talking
❥ Say something

Chapter 2
❥ Remember me?
❥ What do you like?

Chapter 3
Event: Tea ceremony: You're a pro!
Event: Bread making: Let me help

Chapter 4
❥ Event: Talk show: Show me later (Image)
❥Event: Shopping: It sure does!

Chapter 5
❥Event: Planetarium: I love 'em!
❥Event: Church light up: I'd like to (Image)

Chapter 6 
❥ Sure
❥ What's that one?

Chapter 7
❥ Take it easy
❥ Yes!

Chapter 8
❥ Thank you
❥No thank you...
Chapter 9
It looks great
❥ What about him?

Chapter 10
❥ Alright...

Chapter 11
❥ I do not!
❥ Don't apologize

Chapter 12
❥ You promise?

Nakaba is a character that belongs to Shall We Date? Konkatsu for Marriage © NTT Solmare
Answers obtained during game play

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