Monday, October 23, 2017

MC gets taken by another Bidder: Ota Kisaki

Prompt: Another bidder confesses to MC and she leaves current bidder for them. Part 1
Requested: by Anon
Others in this series: Eisuke, Soryu, Baba, Mamoru
Part 2: To be added
Author: OtomeQueen

Ota was lost in his art, time meant nothing. He was focused and continued to paint for hours. Now that he had the drive and passion, he loved being in his studio. He had her to thank for that. She really was his muse. A small smile formed on his face as he hears his phone going off, he trained her well. He answers it almost immediately.
“Hey, perfect timing. I was going to tell you to meet me in the penthouse later. I just got done here.” He said while cleaning up his supplies and heading out of the studio. He listened as she went on about her day, and that she would be waiting for him to get there. ‘What a good pet’ Ota thought, although the relationship they shared was beyond that of a pet and her master. Some habits die hard.

Ota got into the elevator and rode it all the way to the top, anxious to see her. He was already planning out what they would do, he would make her take a bath so he could dry her hair. It was so fluffy it was hard to resist. The doors slowly opened and he took a step out to see her in the arms of someone else. It wasn’t hard to figure out who it was. Eisuke. But why, what business would cause him to hug her.

Her eyes caught Ota’s and she pulled away from Eisuke right away. He was half inclined to beat Eisuke’s face in, but Ota couldn’t. Eisuke was the boss man, he was in charge and had more power than anyone. He couldn’t go up against someone like that without it backfiring right away.
Before she could get far Eisuke grabbed her arm, “I’m serious. I can’t get you out of my head. I need you.” The desire for her burned in his gaze as he stared at her. There was something special about her that grabbed his attention and wouldn’t let it go. Eisuke, the man that usually got what he wanted, yet knowing that she was Ota’s girl made him back off. But he couldn’t take it anymore. The desire was driving him to do things that he wouldn’t have ever considered before, he wasn’t acting like himself. This girl placed him under a spell without realizing it.

Ota tore her away from Eisuke, “That’s not funny, she’s mine. She will always be mine.” He placed himself between them, marking his territory but what came next was a surprise to him. “Ota… We need to talk…”
He looked behind him to see her, tears brimming around her eyes almost spilling out. “I… We aren’t working. This relationship… It’s not good. I can’t do it anymore. I’m going with Eisuke.” The shock of her words almost knocked Ota off his feet. She couldn’t be serious. Sure the relationship started off a little rough, and he was mean but it was all in good humor. He loved her more than anything.

Ota was at a loss for words and silence continued till she spoke softly. “I’m sorry… I do love you… But I can’t be with you.” She moved around him and went to Eisuke, they quickly left together leaving Ota in the hallway. The only good thing in his life just left. He sunk to the floor and ran his hand through his hair.
A few months have passed and no one really has heard from Ota since then. He went back to his studio and hardly came out. He continued to paint, yes, but all his work was different and the art world was buzzing about it. Coming up with theories or ideas about why it changed so much. The bright vivid colors he used were changed to dark tones. All the paintings seemed to be soulless. His heart was empty, and it reflected in his brush.
Hearing a phone ring Ota stopped painting for a second to see who it was. Baba. No one from the penthouse really bothered trying to get a hold of him except for Baba. Baba informed him there was going to be another auction, and he wanted Ota to join. To authenticate some of the pieces that were going to be there as well as some of the work that Baba stole recently.
How could he go there knowing she would be there with another man? He refused at first but Baba eventually won him over, it was the first time he has been outside in a month. The first time he has been back at the penthouse since that day. He got into the elevator, riding it all the way to the top he walked into the lounge and found everyone there. There was a few comments made from Kishi and Soryu, nothing out of the ordinary though. Baba greeted Ota happily and they started to work when he heard her voice.
His body froze, even with all that time they spent apart he couldn’t forget her. He belonged to her, body and soul, even if she rejected him and went with another. He would always be hers, there would be no one on this earth that could replace her. He contented himself with a quick glance, she looked happy and healthy. His heart swelled with the sight, but his body ached. How much he longed to go over to her and hold her, press his lips against hers and knowing he couldn’t. He wasn’t hers anymore.
But if she was stolen from him, who’s to say he can’t steal her back?

Ota is a character that belongs to Kissed By the Baddest Bidder © Voltage Inc

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