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Get To Know The Game: Bad Boys Do It Better

General Information
Released: July 8, 2016
Company: Voltage Inc
Opening: Youtube

This overview is spoiler free. 
You can also get to know the characters of this game in a spoiler free way. Link to that is at the bottom of the page. 

So the plot is rather simple and easy to follow. Your family moves away but you stay behind. You move into a dorm, which surprise, is full of all boys. Who happen to all be in your class, in yet another surprise, an all boys school. You are now that only girl in an all boys school. That's basically it. You are adjusting to being in a new school, living in a dorm, being separated from your family, and all that good stuff.

Now I thought this game was rather interesting for a few new reasons. Not that ground breaking plot, but Voltage did a lot of cool things with the operating system that I haven't really seen since. First they added a special choice. It's a giant heart that spins and you tap it if you want to 'go for it' or 'pull back.' Depending on what you pick it alters your love meter accordingly. 

I thought it was a rather cute way to interact with a game. It also made deciding what you want to do easier. Instead of three choice you now have two, and you don't know what the dialog is going to be. You can usually make a pretty good guess what kind of reactions certain text boxes will give you, taking that away gave me surprises I couldn't really predict. It was refreshing.

Another thing they added was the text boxes. These text boxes were different that other games in the sense that it was a fix box. You couldn't alter the opacity at all. If I remember correctly I believe this is also the first time the font you have on your phone/tablet didn't translate into the game. It had a set font, I could be wrong on that though.

But if you notice the text box makes it look like he talking. Other than indicating the name, the indent also moves to where the sprite is. Center, left or right, and if the MC is the one talking it's pointing to the bottom of the screen. I really like this feature, it's almost like an otome game with training wheels but it was so cute. I say training wheels because they only appear when someone is talking, like a comic text. So you can see speech, actions and thought sentences better.

Again if I remember this correctly this seems like the first time sprites moved and the MC could blink her eyes. I remember laughing so hard when one of the sprites "walked closer" to the MC. Just the images of the sprite bobbing up and down as it got larger was so funny. There are a lot of small features in this game that makes it feel there is more depth to it. You aren't just reading something with pictures. It's more game like.

So I thought that the plot was meh and the MC was also meh. Nothing really stands out about this plot line. You see it all the time in animes, and I get that it's hard to make it different to stand out. But the more I played the game I started to think they chose this kind of plot to tinker with the operating system and try new things rather than putting out a game with a lot of content. Because as of right now the game has a main story and epilogue for 5 characters, and the 5 or 6 sub stories. That's it. And it's not like they have a screen that says 'sequel coming soon.' It straight up ends after the epilogue. Which I appreciate, I don't know how you could keep this kind of plot going for more stories without it being super predictable. So for this kind of plot the MC fits perfectly. High school student that doesn't really know love. All the typical MC behaviors that annoy a lot of people in different games. 

I am kind of sad they never made two other character dateable. I was waiting for the surprise announcement to be like. Guess what, you can totes date this guy too. In Dreamy Days in West Tokyo there are two older characters you can date, in the Japan version of Class Trip Crush you can romance the teach. So I thought along the lines of, well they are similar school type games with high school MC's, why can't I date an older guy here too? Pretty sure they don't have anything in Japan either.

Final Thoughts
I feel like this is a decent game. I'm glad that I purchased routes in it. It's very cute. I don't know if I will say people should play this as their first game. Since it's very bland I guess. But I think it's a game to purchase to play when you are waiting for another game, or taking a break. It's a good way to pass the time. Not in the sense of 'am I eating because I'm board?' but between the OS, which I think is my favorite of all the games, and pretty graphics it's a good change of pace

You don't have to worry about spending too much money on the game, since there isn't a lot of content to buy. And there are no plans for future released, so you don't have to worry about that. It's a one and done kind of deal.

Screenshots belong to the game Bad Boys Do It Better © Voltage Inc

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