Saturday, April 18, 2015

Joker - Main Story

Joker's Main Story Walk Through
Link to character graphics is at the bottom

Answers to get a Sweet Ending

Chapter 1
...You're hurting me.
I'll make some more tomorrow

Chapter 2
Do you have room to talk
Thank you

Chapter 3
Poor Joker
Because it was you

Chapter 4
I'm not sure yet
Strawberry motif Lolita Dress
Pretty Please?

Chapter 5
I'll be okay
I don't want to cause trouble

Chapter 6
Thank you
Are you upset about the cafe?

Chapter 7
You don't like tea parties?
I won't run

Chapter 8
We did it
I worry about you, you know

Chapter 9
I don't want to forget you
Thanks for saying that

Chapter 10
Humpty and Dumpty
It's thanks to everyone

Chapter 11
I'd love to go
Something cute and adorable
I got too nervous

Chapter 12
No words are needed between us
Call for Joker

Chapter 13
Don't give up
Thank you

Chapter 14
I was so scared...
Hold me please?

Chapter 15
My love
I'll stay beside you no matter what

Chapter 16

Joker is a character that belongs to Shall We Date? Guilty Alice © NTT Solmare
Answers obtained during game play

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