Friday, February 13, 2015

How To... Link your voltage games with Sweet Cafe

How to link your games with Sweet Cafe

Start the game and go to the home page
In the left corner there is a blue heart with Link, click that
You will be presented with game titles, pick on and click it. I chose OTBS since I hadn't linked it yet
It will open up the game for you
In the menu of the new game you will see either a big banner like the one I screenshot, or a small one where the Star-Crossed Myth banner is. Click the one presented in the game you have chosen.
It will take you to another page in a web browser. I generally go back to sweet cafe instead of going back to the app
Ta Dah. Sweet cafe is now linked with your other voltage games

Why link
The reasoning behind the link is that when you purchase a story in other voltage games, it will give you tickets you can use to redeem stories in this app. 
You also have the option of buying tickets if you want to. But buying regular stories and getting tickets for free is the better way to spend your money
Upon first downloading Sweet Cafe will only use purchases used in the previous 60 days for your collective tickets.
After linking your games, it will stay current with all your purchases.
Upon new game releases, if there isn't a chance to link with Sweet Cafe and you purchase a route. You will still get tickets for that purchase after linking.

Struggling to link
There is a chance that when you try to link it you won't find the link banner. 
DO NOT uninstall and reinstall the app in hopes that it will then appear. 
There is a chance that it will lose all accounts of your purchases and you won't get all the tickets you deserve.
Go to Apple Store/Google Play and see if it's ready for an update. That way you don't lose any data
Even after an update you still do not have the banner, send a message to voltage.
Keep trying every few hours or so, it could be just slow to the update. 

❥ Voltage Inc has removed this feature from Sweet Cafe.

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